Aksa Power Generation has become a member of Europgen, one of the most respected and valuable platforms in Europe.

Aksa Power Generation, which has been maintaining its leading position in the Turkish power generator market for many years and is among the top 5 companies in the industry globally, has become a member of Europgen, one of the most respected power generator manufacturers in Europe and the world.

Aksa Power Generation, which has recently opened its New Trade Centre in the Netherlands and expanded its sphere of influence in Europe, is increasing its global brand value day by day with this membership.

Stating that they are proud to participate in one of the most prestigious platforms in the world in line with the global growth strategy, Abidin Volkan Karaçalı, Marketing General Manager of Aksa Power Generation said, “With this membership, we will have the opportunity to closely follow all kinds of developments related to our industry, especially in Europe. Being among the decision-makers of the industry on a global scale is a very important step for our company.”

We have become a global brand
Karaçalı also said; “With the operation of our Netherlands facility, we are taking place on 3 continents and we are confident in our goal of becoming one of the 3 largest generator manufacturers in the world by 2025. We have become a global brand in a very short time in the power generation market with our wide range of products and implementations ranging from individual use to giant projects. We will continue to implement our different works and investment plans in line with our goal of increasing our global footprint and market share in the following period.”