1. Ali Metin Kazancı

    Founder of Kazancı Holding, Ali Metin Kazancı, started his trading life at the end of 1950’s.

  2. Watt Electric Motor Factory

    Ali Metin Kazancı founded the Watt electric motor factory which is the basis of the interferences that create AKSA Group companies.

  3. Kazancı Technical Tools – Spare Part A.Ş.

    Kazancı Technical Tools – Spare Part A.Ş. was founded by Ali Metin Kazancı.

  4. Aksa Machine Industry A.Ş.

    For generator production and selling activities; Aksa Machine Industry A.Ş. was founded.

  5. Aksa Service and Spare Part A.Ş.

    To increase the post-selling services quality, by founding Aksa Service and Spare Part A.Ş., assembling, investigation and service jobs were transferred to this company.

  6. Güneşli

    The production and assembling foundation that was in Bayrampaşa left its place to the generator factory the biggest generator factory in its term that was in Güneşli that was in size of 20.000 m².

  7. Aksa Ankara

    The directorships which would be in number of 7 in a few years, the first of them was opened in Ankara.

  8. Aksa Power Generation

    • Production and selling activities were divided from each other.
    • At this scope Aksa Power Generation was founded. Aksa Sales and Marketing A.Ş. was founded.

  9. Certificate of AQAP-4

    National ministry of defence give the certificate of AQAP-4 to Aksa in the generator sector fort he first time.

  10. Cummins Onan Yacht Generators

    With Cummins Onan Yacht Generators, distribution agreement was made.

  11. ISO 9001

    ISO 9001 certificate was taken.

    Singapore Office

    Our first Office in abroad was opened in Singapore.

  12. England Office

    The selling network in abroad continued to expand with the opening of our office in England.

    Rental Service

    Aksa Power Generation Rental Service began.

  13. John Deere

    With John Deere motors, generator production was started.

    Mahmutbey Factory

    The biggest power paint foundation of generator sector was founded in Mahmutbey factory.

  14. Revenue Target was Exceeded

    $100 million revenue target was exceeded in the generator sector.

    Marin Certificate

    International Marin certified group sales was started.

  15. Nigeria Office

    Aksa Nigeria was opened. The international sales network in generators reached to Africa after Europe and Asia.

  16. Awords from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

    Aksa Power Generation took 2004 high level foundation tax appreciation brevet from Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

    Aksa Cezayir

    Aksa Cezayir was founded.

  17. Aksa Power Generation

    Aksa Power Generation was ranked 9th in associations tax department of Marmara.

    First Natural Gas Generator

    Aksa Power Generation produced gas-fueled generators fort he first time in Turkey.

    Manufacturing Exporters Ranking

    Aksa Power Generation was ranked in 59th place in making production exporters placement which was made by TİM.

    Corporate Identity

    Aksa Power Generation Corporate Logo renewed.

  18. The Golden Medal

    Because of the high level foundation tax, the golden medal was given to Aksa Power Generation by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

    Campaign of computerized education

    Contribution of Support campaign for computerized education: All classrooms at schools in Hakkari (630 pieces) were equipped with computers.

  19. Second Production Facility in China

    Aksa Power Generation, by opening the second production central in Changzhou-China became the first turkish Generator producer investing in abroad.

    ISO 500

    Aksa Power Generation and Aksa Energy took part in ISO 500 list.

    3th at Europe

    Became 3th at europe in Yacht generator sales.

  20. Aksa Changzhou

    Aksa Changzhou factory took certificate of ISO.

  21. Aksa USA, Aksa Russia

    Aksa USA and Aksa Russia offices started its activities.

  22. Aksa China

    The generator factory, which has the world's largest production capacity, was opened in China.

  23. Aksa America

    Aksa Power Generation opened its production facility in America.

  24. Aksa Iraq

    Aksa Iraq office started operations.

  25. Production on 3 continents

    Production on 3 continents, export to 160 countries

  26. Aksa Ghana, Aksa South Africa

    Aksa Ghana and Aksa South Africa companies established.

    First Hybrid Generator production.
  27. Turkey; 23 APC, Overseas; 13 Office, 4 Representation Offices, 3 production facilities.
    40k Production capacity, 90 Distributors, more than 200 sales points

  28. Aksa Miami

    Aksa Miami office was opened.

    Aksa Uzbekistan

    Aksa Uzbekistan office was Opened.

  29. Turquality

    Aksa Power Generation participated in the Turquality support program.

    E-commerce Platform

    E-commerce platform launched

  30. Aksa Netherlands

    Which hosts the largest port in Europe, the Rotterdam region of Netherlands, a production and trade center was opened.

  31. Aksa Çerkezköy

    Çerkezköy production center with a total area of 60.000m² opened.